Youth Champs 4 Mental Health

July 10, 2021

Youth Champs 4 Mental health are here for you. Read below for more details in how to get in touch if you are needing support.

“At Youth Champs 4 Mental Health you will be heard, you will be supported and you will be part of a family of young people who are saving lives.”

Youth Champs 4 Mental Health is an organisation located in Fiji providing services and support to young people throughout Fiji. The organisataion is run by a diverse group of people ensuring that their services are apporachable and suitable for everyone. They are LGBQTI + friendly and are advocates for the inclusion of everyone.

What services they offer:

• Counselling (internet, phone and in person)​

• Education and awareness sessions on mental health and suicide prevention

• Facilitate wellness/self care programs

• Assist government ministries by implementing youth programs

• Collaborate on the formulation of national policies

• Facilitate mediation and peace building sessions

• Create awareness in schools on suicide prevention​

• Administer psychological first aid during natural disasters (first responders)

How to get in contact:


Facebook link:

Phone Number: + (679) 9316 307 or 9706512